This CD project, is a true labor of love on a creative and musical level, by all who made it possible. A documentation of efforts by composers and musical performances by a hand-picked group of seasoned, american/armenian musicians, capturing the essence, flavor and spice of traditional armenian music, which is manifested herein.

It is once again an honor and privilege to present to the World, with Peace and Love, the creative gift of Music, through the "Beautiful Sounds of Armenia"

~ Chris Marashlian

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Chris Marashlian: Martin D 28 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha
6 String Nylon Acoustic Guitar, Kydd 5 String Fretless Upright bass,
Farnel 5 String Electric Bass, Synthesizer Orchestral Strings, Dumbeg,
All Song Arrangements.

Zarouhi Otchy: Voice

John Vartan: Kemenche, Kaval, Sring

John Tarpinian: Oud

Robert Boghosian: Oud,Violin

Michael Gostanian: Kanoun

Marinho Nobre "Nobrian": Duduk, Shaker

Aram Hovagimian: Piano


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