This CD project, is a true labor of love on a creative and musical level, by all who made it possible. A documentation of efforts by composers and musical performances by a hand-picked group of seasoned, american/armenian musicians, capturing the essence, flavor and spice of traditional armenian music, which is manifested herein.It is once again an honor and privilege to present to the World, with Peace and Love, the creative gift of Music, through the “Beautiful Sounds of Armenia” ~ Chris Marashlian

Special Thanks to:
Aram Hovagimian, for the countless hours spent with me in the pre-production and developmental phases of this project.
Zarouhi Otchy, whose voice was as musical as an additional instrument layer on this Project.
Marinho Nobre “Nobrian”, for his patience, co-operation and for sharing my dedication to achieving audio perfection. (Marinho Nobre`s Duduks manufactured exclusively by Arthur Grigoryan:

To Musician Friends: John Vartan, Robert Boghosian, John Tarpinian, Aram Hovagimian, Michael Gostanian and Marinho Nobre for their collective contributions, which helped to fuse the perfect blend of Musical elements required, in making this CD project one of the Beautiful Sounds Of Armenia.
CD Cover Graphics/Insert by: Lilian Marshall
Mastered at Masterdisk/NYC, Roger Lian/Mastering Engineer
Produced by Chris Marashlian/Creative Artists Productions
Co-Produced by Marinho Nobre.

The songs contained on this CD are all old favorites of mine, and were chosen in an effort to bring them back. I previously had the privilege of recording them more than twenty five years ago, with well-known, east-coast Armenian artists of the era such as: John Berberian, Jack Baghsarian, Souren Baronian and Robert Marashlian.

I trust that the arrangements on this disc will please many an Armenian listener, as well as anyone else who appreciates good music. The ultimate goal is that the true beauty and cultural values are preserved and passed on for all to enjoy: Armenians, Americans and the World.

Performing Artists:
Chris Marashlian: Martin D 28 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Yamaha 6 String Nylon Acoustic Guitar, Kydd 5 String Fretless Upright bass,
Farnel 5 String Electric Bass, Synthesizer Orchestral Strings, Dumbeg, All Song Arrangements.
Zarouhi Otchy: Voice (Tracks 1,2,6,7)
John Vartan: Kemenche, Kaval, Sring (All Tracks)
John Tarpinian: Oud (Tracks 1,2,5,9,10)
Robert Boghosian: Oud (Tracks 3,4,6,8,11),Violin (Track 4)
Michael Gostanian: Kanoun (Tracks 1,2 3,4,5,6,9,10,11)
Marinho Nobre “Nobrian“:  Duduk (Tracks 1,6,9,10,11) Shaker (Track 8)
Aram Hovagimian: Piano (Tracks 1,2,4,5,6,7,10,11)

Recorded and Mixed at Mano Music Media Group/Astoria NY, by Marinho Nobre and Chris Marashlian, for Creative Artists Productions
Orchestral Composition/Arrangements/Performance by Chris Marashlian.
Additional Orchestrations/Performance/Programming by Marinho Nobre
Additional Synthesizer Programming/Recording/Performance by Aram
Hovagimian, at Van Studios, Cinnaminson, NJ

My ancestors homeland and my family`s motherland. The World could never perpetuate itself without the Mothers of the land. This CD Production entitled “Myrig”, which translates to Mother in English, is dedicated to my Mom, Mary…. and to all Mothers of the Earth, without whom, we would not exist.
~ Thank you, Mom.


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